2014 Summer Program - July 8 thru August 23

Announcing our Obesity Prevention Summer Program

It's almost time again for Brockton's most unique and successful summer program for overweight and obese children. For seven weeks, children will experience an exciting new world of fun
activities and life-changing healthy habits.

Outdoor/Indoor exercise and sports * Healthy, organic meals * Nutrition education
Cooking classes * Parents' involvement * Measurable progress

Program Overview

Success Story

Sarah Dolne, the oldest daughter of OPCCY Executive Director Marnite Dolne, has the distinction of being OPCCY’s very first success story. Looking at the slender and vivacious college student today, it’s hard to imagine she was once a clinically obese child with health problems no nine-year-old should have—asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies. One day while examining Sarah, her pediatrician warned her mother that she

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Our Volunteer

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Kids’ Feedback

Summer is flying by, and we’ve already completed the first month of OPCCY’s Summer Program helping our young participants slim down and eat healthy. Let’s find out what they have to say about their new, active lifestyle doing exercise and sports. Also, kids, are you enjoying our delicious organic lunches and snacks?  Here’s to August–one more wonderful month of getting fit and strong. Post

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Featured Profiles

Marnite Dolne

The initial idea for OPCCY began to take shape in 2005 when Marnite took her daughter

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Marie Krantz Mars

Assistant Director Marie Krantz Mars has been working with OPCCY every summer since 2008

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Michael Mathieu

The children get to learn the basics of a lot of sports such as tennis. After they

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Nadege Jean

Everyone is here for the same reason—to be healthy, and live a healthy life!

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